Tree Service

Whom To Call When Your Model is in a Tree

The following tree services may be able to help you retrieve your plane. Suggestion: explain the situation, don’t make the recovery a priority (you will pay if you do), and suggest an “end of the day” stop. Be nice and you may just have to pay a tip! All of these guys have had to retrieve many a pet and plane.

Services club members have used before

Notice: this list may be seriously out of date, the phone numbers no longer working etc.
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  • Howard B Toms Tree Care (203-966-2686). Billy Jordan has helped members before. He is the Town Arborist and a very nice guy on the phone.
  • Albie Altamirano (203 962-4447) has a gutter company (Discount Gutters)and has mentioned he’d be willing to retrieve planes for us.
  • Alpine Tree Service/”The Care of Trees” (office 203 847 1855, cell 203 943 5974). “Rich” has helped us before. He is Trey’s tree man. Got away with with paying a tip to one of the employees, a pleasant surprise!
  • Danny (cell phone 203 943 0805) usually will come after work.
  • Mill River Tree Service (203 966 8591). John Depew was our contact at (203 856 4749), he has RC buddies.
  • Robert Hutchinson (203 979 7499). Larger, professional service, charged $100 for an urgent retrieval.
  • Qualey Tree Service (203 966 8138). A small operation. Brian is the owner.
  • Eager Beaver Tree Service/O’Neill’s Tree Care (203 966 6767).
  • Ian Sporre Tree Service (203 856 7888). Recommended by Jerry Garvis.
  • W. Landscaping LLC. William Guerra & Nelvin Delcid, (203 853 4728) cell (203 984 5643).

Contact info from the Web (updated 11/2011)

  • TLC Tree Services (203 849 8883) Located in Norwalk.
  • SavATree (203 853 9526) Located in Norwalk.