Multi-Rotor Aircraft (Drone) Flying

About Flying Multi-Rotor Aircraft at Waveny Park

The Town of New Canaan has generously provided a superb location to fly multi-rotor (aka “drones”) aircraft. At the same time, NCRCS has been tasked with organizing the flying such that it is safe and enjoyable for everyone, with minimal impact on other park visitors. For this reason park rules require that you join NCRCS before you fly any remote control aircraft at Waveny (this means you also have to be a full AMA member).

First Time Flyers

Whether you are an experienced flyer or brand new to the hobby, we need to first check out your equipment, verify your piloting skills, and most importantly, make sure you know the safety rules we have in place. You can find us every Sunday morning at Waveny Park at the parking lot marked purple on the map below. First members come around 9am, the full crowd is there by 11am, and most action over by 1pm. If you cannot make it Sunday mornings, contact us and we’ll set up an appointment to meet you at the field at another time.

What Multi-Rotor to Buy

By far the most popular ones are quads: they have four rotors. There are two different categories:


aerobatics and racing

dji-phantom-3 racedrone
  • main purpose is aerial photography and video shooting
  • very stable, easy to fly, easy to set up
  • make beautiful pictures
  • long flight times (20min)
  • camera viewed on screen or via phone
  • high end models can be expensive
  • cannot be modified
  • boring to fly
  • build for aerobatics and racing
  • very agile and fast
  • a blast to fly
  • often built from scratch
  • use FPV goggles to view camera
  • short flight times (3min)
  • difficult to fly
  • poor quality video feed

Most of our pilots fly the aerobatics and race quads. Why? We like to build and fly. The DJI style camera carriers get boring soon. They make great videos, but how many Gigabytes of footage can you shoot of the Waveny Park FPV area before you have enough? Also, there is hardly any tinkering or upgrading that can be done. Come to the field and check out what we are doing before you spend big $$$ on equipment. We make recommendations, help you set up your equipment, educate and train you. We do this for free to promote our hobby – it’s the club spirit.

The Multi-Rotor Flying Area

See the Rules Page for a map of where to fly Multi-Rotor Aircraft.